Adult Services Case Management

“There are so many ways case management has been helpful. It’s nice to know I always have someone on my side and that there is someone you can call who always has your back.”

Consumer of Community Care’s Adult Case Management Program

The Adult Services Program serves adults who are living independently in the community and need support and assistance to remain out of hospitals or other supportive living situations, such as group care. Some of our adult consumers may need a less intense level of case management support, requiring case management services to secure resources necessary to meet their basic needs, and acquiring skills to manage the demands of independent living. Community Care is a Behavioral Health Home, providing care coordination when appropriate to successfully integrate our care management services with the physical health care system.

Specific areas of support

  • Housing – Support in obtaining/maintaining housing. Assistance filling out applications; locating apartments; assisting with landlord interactions; and support in locating financial assistance for housing.
  • Financial – Support in exploring potential financial assistance resources. Assistance in accessing fuel assistance, SSDI, and food stamps; assistance gathering and completing applications; help in locating local resources such as food banks and clothing banks; help in budgeting/managing financial resources.
  • Employment/Vocational/Education – Support in exploring goals for employment/other vocational opportunities. Assistance job searching and completing job applications; assistance in exploring educational opportunities; assisting in the application and financial aid application process.
  • Mental and Physical Health – Assistance in identifying services that may be helpful in ensuring that your physical and mental health needs are addressed. We use a Health Information Exchange to better coordinate services with health providers.
  • Transportation – Assistance in exploring transportation options available to you and help in accessing those services.
  • Building a Support Network – Assistance in building a network of social and natural supports.
  • Care Integration – Community Care’s Behavioral Health team has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate what can be a confusing and intimidating health care system. Our Nurse Care Manager, Medical Nurse Practitioner, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner work to ensure clients are receiving medical services that meet their needs. Case managers are trained to support clients in working with, and communicating with, their medical providers. We partner with medical providers so that our clients receive the best services to meet there mental health and medical needs.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older or an emancipated minor;
  • Must have a mental health diagnosis (a referral can be made without a diagnosis and an assessment can be provided to determine if the individual is eligible for the service); and
  • Full Mainecare (Community Care has grant funds to provide case management to those withouth Mainecare).


Referrals can be made by the adult or any provider/advocate supporting the individual.

Service area

Bangor Area within a 30 Minute radius from Office