Community Family Support Services

“I want other parents to know it is ok to seek help for their child. Parents that have children who have a mental illness have it 5 times as hard. Having support helps you and your child succeed every day. This is my first experience receiving HCT and it has been a blessing.” 

Parent receiving Community Care’s Community Family Support Services
Home and Community Treatment (HCT) – In Home Clinical Support

Home and Community Based Treatment (HCT) is an intensive family-based therapy program that provides children and parents with support from a Licensed Clinician and a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) to assist in managing the mental health and behavioral needs of their child, and increasing the caregivers’ confidence and skill set to do so. The service is provided in the family’s home, and occasionally within the community depending on the treatment needs of the child. The HCT service is typically a 3-6 month service.  HCT is intensive and is often in the home within the range of 4-10 hours a week. 

Specific areas of support include:
  • Individual therapy for the child being referred;
  • Therapy for sibling groups to strengthen sibling relationships;
  • Family therapy;
  • Parenting education; and
  • Support and advocacy for the child/family.

Evidence-based modalities utilized include:

Trauma-Focused CBT –  A treatment model used to help children, adolescents and caregivers overcome emotional and behavioral challenges that are the result of traumatic events.

  • Nurturing Parenting – A family therapy model with a focus on increasing nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to high conflict approaches.
  • MATCH-ADTC – A treatment approach used for children ages 8- 13 years old struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma or conduct related behaviors. 
  • Motivational Interviewing – A goal oriented, client led intervention with the focus of understanding how the life people hope to have may be impacted by current behaviors and choices.

Youth must have full  Mainecare;

  • A mental heath diagnosis (Community Care can conduct an assessment if the youth does not have a diagnosis upon referral);
  • Youth must demonstrate medical necessity for a higher level of care than outpatient therapy.

Referrals can be made by the parent/caregiver/guardian for the youth or any provider supporting a child/family including yourself.  

Service area:

Community Care serves numerous counties across the state and is frequently expanding. Please call Community Care’s referral team to inquire as to whether HCT serves your area.