• Competitive target salary/hourly rate with incentives for most positions
  • Paid time and mileage for all work travel
  • Paid orientation and training


  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance with minimal premium contribution
  • 100% Paid Dental Premiums
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability


  • 401K Plan from day 1
  • Generous employer match after 1st year

Paid Time Off

  • Generous and flexible paid time off plan (start off with 5 weeks paid time off the first year for full time salaried employees)
  • Increased time off at certain anniversary milestones


  • Gym membership fee reimbursement
  • Weight Reduction plan
  • Smoking Cessation program reimbursement
  • Massage session reimbursement
  • Emphasis on self-care


  • High quality supervision (our staff tell us the supervision that they receive in top notch)
  • Frequent individual and group supervision sessions
  • Supervisory support at any time
  • We use strength-based approach with focus on positive feedback and development of skills
  • Comprehensive orientation including mentoring and job-shadowing
  • Regular paid professional trainings throughout the year
  • Individualized staff development plans
  • Training and mentoring tracks for advancement and/or specialization


  • Caring and relaxed yet professional atmosphere
  • Flexible schedule—you design your schedule to meet needs of your clients, the agency, and your personal needs
  • Ample time in your weekly schedule for paid travel, meeting, and documentation
  • Opportunity to work from home/community for most positions
  • Support to work from home and in community by providing laptop, aircard, scanner, cell phone, web access to electronic client record for many positions
  • Employee recognition program
  • Regular opportunities to provide feedback to the Management team including monthly lunches and an “open door policy” for feedback to Management team members including the Executive Director.  The management team uses the feedback to make positive changes.