Children’s Case Management

“Case Managers at Community Care are so helpful and have a lot of resources, more than the typical person. They are reliable, are always there for you when you call or get right back to you, and help you with so much. You are not alone…. they are there for you.” 

Kristin Sands, parent of youth receiving case management

The Children’s Case Management program provides case management to children with mental health needs.  The case manager supports the caregivers to assist them in obtaining the resources necessary to meet the mental health needs of their children. Case management is designed to be a short-term service that coordinates services to address children’s mental health needs, educates parents about resources available to them within their communities, and assists caregivers in navigating the mental health system.   The ultimate goal is to help caregivers advocate autonomously for their child’s needs.

Specific areas of support include:

Comprehensive Assessment –  An assessment of your child’s strengths and needs;

Accessing resources – Support in identifying services that your child may benefit from and assistance in putting those services in place;

Advocacy – Assistance in advocating for services within the school system and with other service providers/entities;

Support – Support in helping to address the barriers that are causing strain on your family/child;

Case Coordination – Help in ensuring that everyone who is providing support to your child within various settings is working together for your child’s best interest.


Must be under 21 years of age;

Must have Mainecare;

Must have a mental health diagnosis (a referral can be made if the youth does not have a diagnosis and we can conduct an assessment to determine eligibility).


Referrals can be made by the parent/guardian or any provider/advocate supporting the individual.

Service area:

One hour radius from Bangor.