Employee Resources

Obtaining IT Assistance

Requests for computer related assistance should be sent to helpdesk@comcareme.org where they are logged and tracked automatically. The phone number for Helpdesk is (207) 299-1160.

Tips from IT

How to Update Your Network and Email Password

If you’re having troubles with your password it can be a lot quicker for you to update it yourself rather than contacting Helpdesk and hoping Jared or Ryan are available to assist. Here are the steps to self-service your password:

  1. On any computer or your phone navigate to https://mail.comcareme.org (If your Browser warns you that your connection is not private click on the Advanced button and then the Proceed or Continue button that will appear.)
  2. At the login screen use only your first initial and last name as your username (AFakename) and whatever your last working password was to log in.
  3. If your password is beyond the expiration it will ask you to change your password before you proceed.
    1. If your password hasn’t yet expired your Email Inbox will load up. Click the Cog wheel in the upper right next to your name and then select Change password from the drop down list.

If you are locked out of your email because of password troubles, if possible, please ask your Supervisor or Coworkers for these steps. If that’s not possible or you run into challenges with these steps Helpdesk is always here to assist.

Regularly Restart Your Laptops

One thing we’ve been noticing recently is there have been drivers for Webcams, Microphones, and Speakers bundled within Windows Updates. When these updates sit waiting for the computer to be restarted long enough, it will eventually make those devices unusable. This goes for many different hardware and software features that Windows Updates might effect. So if you notice your computer acting unusually, the first step should be to Restart and install any waiting updates and see if that resolves the issue. Due to the length of time installing those updates takes, it might be a good idea to check at the end of your work day if any updates are waiting and do the reboot then.

Contact HELPDESK With Your Requests

It’s better to email or call the Helpdesk specific contacts to get assistance rather than Jared or Ryan specifically. There are times when one, the other, or sometimes both of them are indisposed and in a pinch Dawn might be able to offer assistance in their absence. The emails to Helpdesk also land in a ticketing system which organize the requests in an easy to access space that makes them harder to get lost in a sea of other emails.

Useful Links

Community Care Remote Desktop Website (New)


OWA (Outlook Web App)

Mileage Entry Form

iSolved Complete Payroll Solutions

ADP Workforce Now

Employee Navigator

Policy Manual

Labor Posters

Transparency in Coverage-Health Plans

YOQ Website

CAFAS Login Page

Atrezzo Login Page

Useful Software

Screwdrivers is a program that will assist you with connecting any printer installed on your personal computer to our terminal severs to allow you to print to them. To download the software, click here and download the 32 or 64 bit version of the Screwdrivers client depending on which version of Windows you have. Once you have downloaded the Screwdrivers installer, please follow these instructions to install and configure it.

Remote Support

Community Care uses TeamViewer to provide remote support for staff. To start a remote support session with an IT technician, click here, choose “Run”, and then provide the technician with the ID and password that appear on your screen.