Vision Statement

The vision of Shaw House is that all children and youth in the State of Maine have a safe place to sleep at night.

Our core programs will continue to be recognized at local, State and Federal levels as best practice in the delivery of services to a transient at-risk population.

These needs based programs will consist of emergency shelter, street outreach, a basic center/day program and transitional housing.

As a key component of our community’s continuum of care we will expand our housing options for youth where necessary to provide placements for youth who are transitioning to independent living and their place in the community. We will be accessible and viewed as a resource to the young people we serve and their families. We will continue to work with our provider partners to find solutions, provide services and placement options for the community’s homeless children.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Senior Management team will maintain their leadership, dedication, professionalism and commitment to the mission of Shaw House. These Directors will serve as effective spokespersons for Shaw House and provide oversight and nonprofit governance for the agency. Shaw House will be fiscally sound with each of our core programs contributing to the wellbeing of the organization. We will continue to diversify and expand our funding base to ensure our sustainability.

We will be known as an effective voice for the young people we serve and will participate at local, state and federal levels in all activities that address the needs of homeless children.