Youth Charter

“Our Promise” … Shaw House will work to meet the needs of young people who are homeless by providing a variety of services in a manner that recognizes your dignity, improves your quality of life and moves you towards a successful future.

When youth receive services from Shaw House we pledge to uphold your:

  • Right to have basic needs met.
  • Right to be respected in and by the community
  • Right to live in a clean safe and chemically free environment
  • Right to be treated fairly and with respect
  • Right to express yourself through your dress and individual style
  • Right to have others respect your property.
  • Right to make a complaint and express your concerns and disagreements
    Right to your personal space
  • Right to an education

In Addition… you can expect:

  • That you will have the right to work with trained, open, friendly and supportive staff who will always try to treat you fairly.
  • That a code –of-conduct will be agreed with you and displayed in each program.
  • That we will respond to complaints in a prompt, honest and confidential manner.

In return we expect that you will take responsibility for:

  • Upholding the safety of all youth staying at Shaw House.
  • Participating in a plan for personal safety and personal development.
  • Respecting diversity of all youth and staff.
  • Maintaining good relationships within the community.
  • Respecting each other, Shaw House staff, and Shaw House property.