Shaw House Programs & Services

Shelter & Drop-in Day Program – The Shelter and Drop-in Programs provides 24-hour, safe, temporary emergency shelter for homeless youth for up to 30 days, counseling services, including individual, family and group counseling, prevention services, case management services, case planning that fully involves parents and legal guardians towards reunification whenever appropriate, mediation services, aftercare services and supports, referrals and service linkage.

Street Outreach Program – Shaw House’s Street Outreach Program ‘Streetlight’ connects with homeless and at-risk youth on the streets and supports them in accessing and maintaining appropriate emergency shelter, alternatives to the streets and essential services. These youth are often the most difficult to engage and at great risk of exploitation and victimization on the streets. Street Outreach workers provide snack bags, business cards with telephone numbers to contact Streetlight Outreach, Shaw House Shelter, Shaw Care Health Clinic and Youth Crisis Stabilization. ‘Streetlight’ has a key role in ensuring accessibility to services and a safer living situation.

Transitional Living Program – Mason Place Transitional Living Program opened in 2001 to respond to the needs of homeless youth who are without safe family or other natural supports, and require a safe place to live during a time of transition to independent adulthood. The program is designed as a ‘next step’ for homeless and at-risk youth to move beyond the streets or emergency shelter and into a safe residential environment. One in which they will be able to set goals and develop the living and job skills needed to become independent, productive members of society.

Youth Health Clinic – The Shaw House Youth Health Clinic ‘Shaw Care’ is one of only two youth health clinics in the state for homeless youth population. The clinic provides well-child checks, preventive health care services, prescriptions and medication.

Shaw House School Program – In 2009 Shaw House opened an on-site alternative education program in collaboration with the Carleton Project of Presque Isle. The school program provides an opportunity for homeless youth that may have dropped out or failed in traditional schools, to earn credits and gain their High School Diploma. The program operates 4-days a week at Shaw house and a certified teacher works with youth in developing an individual education plan towards achieving their educational goals.